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Adi Co. is a collective of resilient artisans – women with stories and skills.

Our clothing line is one of minimalism-inspired clothing for women forming a beautiful and simple wardrobe. These high quality, handmade staples are created by refugee women making their new homes amongst us. Inspired by friendships with Washington’s refugee community, Adi Collective was created to harness the tenacious spirit and creative skills of refugee women.

The name Adi Co. comes from the Persian word for ordinary – عادی. Our vision is to cherish and connect the ordinary women of our communities with one another through our collection – whether making or wearing these pieces.



Liz and Meredith work in refugee employment and spend their professional lives introducing local businesses to talented refugee job seekers. In building friendships with refugee women, Mer and Liz saw that the average woman from this background remains isolated from the average PNW woman and her spheres of life and commerce, despite living in proximity. In response to this isolation and the large employment barriers women from refugee communities face, Mer and Liz created Adi Co. to provide a space for meaningful employment where refugee women’s artisanship can thrive and intersect with the fashion of PNW women. Over chai and conversation, Liz and Mer practice Farsi and dream of studios humming with machines and women’s fullest creative potential.



Damian is a local designer with a deep affection for the Seattle community. A native of Argentina, Damian now bases his namesake brand out of his Seattle studio. Currently he designs for Miss USA, and for Miss. Montana, Oregon, Idaho and Washington. Damian brings many years of working in the fashion world to his designs, shows, and brand. As an immigrant and Seattleite, Damian's work with Adi Co. represents more than beautiful clothing design - it joins with Adi's vision for diversity in creativity.